The Association for the Physically Disabled (APD) is a registered non-profit organisation helping people with most forms of physical disability

The Association for the Physically Disabled – Greater Johannesburg provides the following services at grassroots level:


SOCIAL WORK SERVICE:to assist people with disabilities (pwd’s) and their families to resolve their personal problems – both psychological and physical – and empower them to develop towards an independent lifestyle.

HOME-BASED / ATTENDANT CARE SERVICE: dealing with the daily physical needs of indigent members of the community who are permanently or temporarily disabled.


BARRIER BREAKERS (BB) has public awareness campaigns designed to break down barriers between pwd-s and able-bodied individuals of all ages. It also assists employers with all aspects of diversity training and facilitation/ accommodation issues pertinent to pwd’s.

BARRIER BREAKERS RECRUITMENT which prepares pwd’s for the open labour market and identifies employment opportunities for pwd’s.

BARRIER BREAKERS ASSISTIVE DEVICE RENTALS to members of the public as well as to private and public sector companies/organisations.

LEAN ON US HOME CARE AGENCY. An agency offering basic and specialized care to meet the essential and personal hygiene needs of temporarily and permanently disabled people.