Celebrate diversity with People with Disabilities

Our colour for 2017 is a vibrant, grassy green – the colour of new life, renewal, vitality and harmony. Fresh green is also associated with Springtime which is when the big event happens.

This year we challenge South Africans from all walks of life to celebrate our differences and embrace each other for our uniqueness and significance. By buying your Casual Day sticker you are part of a puzzle of thousands of active South African citizens committed to the empowerment and upliftment of persons with disabilities

Casual Day has become a firm favourite on the calendar of many of South Africa’s businesses, with some corporate sponsoring stickers for their entire staff complement as a corporate social investment initiative. Approximately 4 500 companies, 100 schools and 400 organizations rendering services to persons with disabilities are participating. It is an excellent opportunity for corporate team building, whilst also making a contribution to one of the country’s most vulnerable sectors of society; persons with disabilities