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South Africa needs heroes. South Africa needs everyday people who do the extraordinary! For Casual Day 2019 this year, we call on YOU to be a protagonist for change! To be a hero for yourself, for others and for our country:

  • Heroes care about other people
  • Heroes can put themselves in someone else’s shoes
  • Heroes use their skills and talents to do good themselves, rather than waiting for someone else to do it
  • Heroes don’t give up. They keep going even after setbacks and frustrations
  • Heroes strive to be all they can, despite shortfalls
  • Heroes never stop working to make the world a better place for everyone
  • Heroes are defined by their strength of character Now, more than ever, South Africa needs people to dig deep inside themselves, find the hero within and BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities.

This is our 2019 theme that will take us a giant step closer to our ultimate goal – a nation that excludes no one, a nation that upholds everyone’s human rights and works for full inclusion. We want a South Africa in which all people have equitable opportunity and equal access to education, jobs, justice and more! Help us raise this banner in 2019.

You are called upon to BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities on Casual Day Friday 6 September!


Being a Casual Day Hero is EASY!
All it takes is getting your Casual Day sticker and encouraging as many people as you can to get theirs for a donation of only R10! Be part of the team by telling everybody you know about Casual Day, by encouraging them to support Casual Day and by helping them understand why persons with disabilities deserve equity alongside all other South Africans, because Casual Day is as much about raising awareness as it is about raising money.

This year we have a range of fabulous Casual Day shirts, caps and bucket hats to compliment your stickers and put a smile on the faces of everybody you know! Get them for your family, life partner, colleague, your next door neighbour, mother-in-law, teacher, kids, pastor, sangoma, check-out worker at the grocery store, pointsman on duty and petrol attendant! Remind them too, that their most important accessory on casual day is their Casual Day sticker! Every time you do, you’re being a hero and making a real difference to thousands of persons with disabilities across our land. So this Casual Day… and every day… BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities!