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Casual Day Theme 2021: Courage+Kindness

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), is proud to announce our 27th Casual Day on 3rd September this year!

Our gratitude goes to our loyal supporters that have over the years assisted us to raise more than R400 million.  A special Thank You to supporters who participated in last year’s Casual Day. Because of you we were able to go ahead with Casual Day 2020, despite very difficult circumstances – and still assist many persons with disabilities, who need our support now more than ever before.

Inspired by Disney’s newly-announced The Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration, which champions the qualities embodied in our theme COURAGE & KINDNESS, we launch Casual Day 2021 with huge excitement. We are kicking off as early as June this year, to give everyone enough time to prepare for the best Casual Day ever on the 3rd September 2021. We, hereby request you to not only have the Courage to assist people in need by buying your own sticker; but to also help us open doors to the Kindness of all South Africans to participate in large numbers.

Our superb 2020 partners – Disney Africa and Accenture – are taking the lead, again, in having the Courage & Kindness to go all out in supporting Casual Day. Our President Cyril Ramaphosa’s request to fight the “second pandemic”, namely, Gender Based Violence, has furthermore inspired NCPD to highlight the importance of Courage & Kindness during these challenging times. This year we really need to get each and every human involved!

For Casual Day we ask you to look deep inside and find your bravest, most compassionate self and ‘pay it forward’ into the world.

.What to Wear

On Friday 3rd September 2021 we call on YOU to help us paint the towns big and small ‘powerful purple’ with our **limited edition Courage+Kindness  merchandise, this year including new Wristbands, T-Shirts, Caps and Bucket Hats.

If you would like to add to your Courage+Kindness branded merch, and you’re too chicken to put on your best ballgown don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This theme is not just for the ladies or girls… What outfit makes you feel brave enough to take on the world? Your protective gear? Your steel toed Dr Martens? Is it your fluffy slippers? Your 80’s power blazer? That threadbare pair of jeans that’s seen you through your last 5 break-ups? The pair of pajamas you’ve worn through every lockdown Zoom meeting?

We want you to feel like your bravest self because when you’re moving through the world with confidence it makes it that much easier to show compassion for others. Let’s get creative with this theme and really think deeply about what Courage+Kindness means to us as South Africans, the most generous and resilient nation in the world (our opinion of course).

The kindest thing you can wear is your Casual Day Sticker. Donations received from these stickers directly benefit disability organisations throughout South Africa so please be sure to get yours from participating retailers, NGOs, companies and schools. Send us your pics on all our social media channels!


Don’t forget, your R20 Casual Day sticker is your license to express yourself at work or school and now you can once again participate while socially distancing by getting your own Personalised Digital Casual Day stickers online.