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Events and Campaigns

The Association runs a number of Fundraising and Awareness events and campaigns throughout the year.  These events and campaigns are in addition to our normal fundraising activities.

Current campaigns include the following:



This challenge is about getting corporate CEO’s, Owners and Leaders to take on a Viking Themed challenge against a group of differently abled people. You will put your wits to test on a platform that allows equality amongst the participants. The idea is to create awareness for a reputationally sound NPO (APD Greater JHB) that is over 80 years old in its drive to help the disabled community. We would like to showcase how very powerful the disabled community is and their value to the working world. They should not just be seen as a ‘box to tick’ on a learnership for a B-BBEE scorecard result, but rather as a valuable asset to the working world with remarkable abilities and innovation. We have partnered with very powerful companies that have the infrastructure to change the lives of thousands of people with this initiative.

The value to each corporate would be the following;
• Massive reputational marketing spin off
• Direct contact with other leaders, CEO’s and owners in an informal setting
• Professional promotional footage
• Breakfast seminar with Business leaders
• Opportunity to take part in a unique, rare and sought-after Viking experience
• Media coverage

There will be no direct cost to these events for you. We will, however, be campaigning for your CSI funding. The companies that we are involved with are incredible at what they can achieve and have incredible people working for them. They manage massive multidimensional business aspects and have a current working network of over 14’000 companies.

Does this sound like something that you would like to be a part of?

For more information contact:


Wheelchair Badges






The sale of gold plated Wheelchair Badges.  This campaign is not only aimed at generating an income for the provision of essential services to people with disabilities, but also to commemorate Human Rights Day – 21 March each year.

The badge is available for R35.  Should you be interested in purchasing these badges, please contact Rachel Legasa on 011 646 8331 or at rachell@apdjhb.co.za

Casual Day

Casual day was launched in 1995, it is a National awareness and fundraising project benefiting persons with disabilities. Every year, the first Friday of September South Africans are encouraged to go to work dressed differently in support of persons with disabilities. The participants can either dress up or dress down together with their Casual Day sticker to show their support.

In 2017 the fundraising campaign inspired the public to contribute a small donation of R10 for a sticker, and at the same time advocated for the inclusion of persons with disabilities into society. So, not only do we raise funds, but we also raise awareness of the needs of this sector of the community in a fun way!

We will appreciate your support in 2019, please contact Rachel Legasa before the event at 0116468331 or email to rachell@apdjhb.co.za to donate R10 and get your sticker.