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 The most appropriate way the APD could find to thank and pay tribute to a remarkable lady for a life-time of selfless service – including a 65-year involvement with the

Primrose du Plessis

Primrose du Plessis

organisation, was to create a benevolent fund that would continue her legacy of giving to those in need for generations to come. And this it did during its AGM in 2013 – the year in which Primrose du Plessis celebrated her 100th birthday!

The “Primrose du Plessis Benevolent Fund” will assist people with disabilities who are in dire need; be it for food, clothes, or any other essential supplies, but we are going to need your financial support.


Primrose du Plessis’s career started after her husband passed away. She had to provide for her son so she began teaching Domestic Science. In 1946 she took a job with the Johannesburg City Council and ran cookery demonstrations for domestic workers.

Her work within the community began when she started a woman’s club in Soweto, mainly for the purpose of sewing. She soon noticed that people with disabilities were eager to join these clubs and to learn various skills.

In 1948 she established a sheltered workshop in Orlando, Soweto for people with disabilities under the auspices of the City Council. She continued to run the Council’s section that covered women’s clubs and nursery schools whilst running the sheltered workshop. Although she officially retired from the City Council (then the West Rand Board) in 1974, she still worked for them in a part-time capacity for a further nine years.

1948 was also the year in which Primrose started serving the Cripples’ Care Association – today known as the Association for the Physically Disabled – Greater Johannesburg (APD). Between then and 2011, when she retired from the Executive Committee of the organisation at the age of 98, she served as Vice President of the Council on several occasions.

In addition to her duties as part of the governance structure of the APD, Primrose was involved in a  parcel scheme for the homeless (which was financed by various churches) as well as being an invaluable member of the APD’s Golden Link Support Group – a group of volunteers who visited people with disabilities in their homes, took them to monthly support group meetings, organised social outings and functions for them, ran errands on their behalf and provided transport to the doctor or hospital when necessary.

If you had to ask Primrose why she has served her fellow-man for her whole adult life, she will in all probability give you the answer she gave us: “I see what can be done and do what I can – that’s all.” One can only wonder what she’s going to get up to in the retirement home where she now resides…

If you want to make a difference by donating to this fund, please contact us on 011-646-8331 and speak to Rachel Legasa or email her at rachell@apdjhb.co.za