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How to become a member?

Volunteer Guidelines- Association for the Physically Disabled - Greater Johannesburg

Level of Involvement

Depending on your personal situation, you can elect to become a volunteer and support the APD as:

Ordinary Members of the APD are people who have a specific interest in disability issues and a desire to ensure that the organisation is capacitated to fulfill its Vision.Members meet once a year during the Annual General Meeting where they appoint an Executive Board to ensure the good governance of the organisation.

Ordinary Members can serve on one of the following Sub-Committees of the APD:

       • Internal Audit Committee

      • Risk Management Committee

These committees meet a minimum of twice a year. However, the Chairpersons of the Committees must attend all meetings of the Executive Board.

Members of the Executive Board carry fiduciary responsibilities and ensure that the appointed Director manages the day-to-day activities of the organisation as per the Board’s instructions. The Board meets at the APD’s head office in Westcliff every second month, usually for less than two hours.

For information about the above positions, Please contact the Director on 011 646 8331 or email: RachelL@apdjhb.co.za

You can volunteer your special skills to the APD so that the Director can call on you whenever the need arises. You obviously decide the number of hours you want to donate to the APD.

Although you might be a very skilled person, your time is very limited and you may only wish to donate some of your time when the association needs man power for a special event – such as manning our Casual Day stickers and/or merchandise. In this case we will confirm your availability telephonically.

Knowledge/Areas of Expertise/Experience needed by APD

‣ Admistration

‣ Arts & Crafts

‣ Architecture

‣ Bookkeeping & Accounting

‣ Disability Issues

‣ Employment Recruitment & Placement

‣ Enterprise Development

‣ Sales

‣ Social Networking

‣ Social Work Services

‣ Training

‣ Vocational Training

‣ Web Site Development and maintenance.

‣ Event Planning & Co-ordination

‣ Finance

‣ Fundraising

‣ Good Governance (King III)

‣ Graphic Design

‣ Human Resources

‣ Imports & Exports

‣ Information Technology

‣ Legal

‣ Life Skills Training

‣ Managerial

‣ Web Site Maintenance

‣ Writing

‣ Marketing

‣ Networking

‣ NPO Governance Issues

‣ Nursing/Home-Based Care Services

‣ Occupational Therapy

‣ Photography

‣ Policy Formulation

‣ Product Development

‣ Psychology

‣ Public Relations

‣ Publishing

‣ and more…

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