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Home-Based Care Achievements

Peta's Testimony

Thato with Ronit Mograbi from Izwe Loans (left) and Gina Khosa from Barrier Breakers (right)

Peta back on her feet after three months of our services .

Ms Peta had a stroke in 2007 while she was working in Thailand as an International English teacher. After being in hospital for some time, she was discharged into the care of her husband. They then moved to the USA since her husband was an American citizen. She stayed in America for few years then got divorced and eventually decided to relocate back home to South Africa. By August 2016 she realised that she desperately needed both financial and psychosocial help.

She found the APD’s contact details and phoned our office to ask for help. A needs assessment was conducted by an APD Social Worker and it revealed that Peta needed extensive psychosocial support - which was then provided mainly through counselling, as well as statutory welfare support - which was addressed by successfully assisting her to obtain a disability grant effective November 2016. Years of relative inactivity after the stroke had taken a huge toll on her: she had gained weight, was struggling to walk. After an assessment of her at her home by APD’s HBC Supervisor, a caregiver was assigned to assist her with physical exercises and massages twice a week. Within two months she had lost a considerable amount of weight, grew in physical strength and re-learned how to walk with the aid of a walking stick! Soon she could walk up and down the steps of their home and even go for check-ups on her own.

We continue to provide the services in order to sustain the positive changes. At the time of compiling this report, Peta said she was already contemplating getting back to practicing her profession as an international English teacher and thanked the APD for helping her to obtain an improved physical condition and less stressed psychosocial situation.

Vusi's Testimony

Thato with Ronit Mograbi from Izwe Loans (left) and Gina Khosa from Barrier Breakers (right)

Mr Msomi on his path to recovery in October 2018.

Mr. Vusumuzi Mosomi was born in Tembisa without any form of disability, he lived with his mother he had a normal childhood until he was in grade 7 at Enxiweni primary school. One day he collapsed while playing with other kids, and he was rushed to hospital which hospital? and was admitted for an entire week. He was diagnosed with epilepsy. Unfortunately, the type of epilepsy he was diagnosed with was so vicious that he ended up going in and out of hospital very regularly, thus making it impossible for him to proceed with his education. As time went on Mr Msomi’s condition took a turn for worse: both mobility and speech became impaired. At some point he was admitted at Weskopies hospital and later transferred to Tswelopele Centre for the frail, but there was still no improvement. The first time that Mr Msomi came into contact with APD staff was in March of 2014.

His mother had heard about APD and our services and went to APD office in Tembisa to request for the Home based Care service and the supervisor went to assess Mr Msomi at home. After assessment, a care giver was assigned to assist Mr Msomi, who was by that time already bedridden. After two months of extensive but gentle exercises, bathing and training, he was able to use a walker with the assistance of a care giver. Just as we thought everything was on course, Mr Msomi fell sick and his mother hurriedly got him to be admitted at Tswelopele again.

Mr Msomi became unwell and fortunately by that time his mother was already back home had also recovered and he was brought back home, and back into APD’s programme. That was now in June of 2018. It didn’t take long for Mr Msomi to improve, surprisingly. By the end of October, he was now able to wake up and sit in the bed on his own. In November he could walk again with the assistance of a care giver. We still continue to assist Mr Msomi but the dramatic recovery and resilience he has shown after we admitted into our programme for the second time starkly demonstrate the positive impact that our HBC has on people with disabilities and their families.

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