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Ignoring the rights of 4 million South Africans can not be justified in a country priding itself on one of the best Constitutions (and therefore also Bill of Rights) in the world.  The appropriate legislation might be in place, but definitely not the appropriate attitude, with the result that people with physical disabilities are still invisible and / or inferior in the eyes of many South Africans.  BB wants to address this issue in a constructive and meaningful way.

Barrier Breakers offers the following services:

  • Accessibility – we help you make your premises accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Recruitment – both to people with disabilities seeking employment and employers seeking to hire people with disabilities.
  • Reasonable Accommodation – we help you find solutions to enable people with disabilities be active members of your workforce.
  • Awareness and Sensitisation – tailor made programmes to meet your needs.
  • Wellness Days – education on people with disabilities as well as raising awareness about disability prevention.
  • Team Building / Entertainment / Exhibitions – opportunities to let your staff “experience” the abilities of people with disabilities.