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 Awareness and Sensitisation

Barrier Breakers can organise the whole event to suit your budget and time constraints (from a one hour to several days).  You identify the type of disability and we facilitate a speaker with the same type of disability who will answer all your staff member’s questions.

Our Breaking Down Barriers in your Company presentation focuses on mobility, hearing, sight and mental impairments.

Examples of these sessions:      

  • One Hour Basic on Disabilities – one speaker covers four common disabilities
  • One Hour Basic on Disabilities – one or two speakers to cover one / two specific disability’s
  • Two Hour Session – four speakers, four disabilities, each speak for 30 minutes
  • Four Hour Session – four speakers, four disabilities, one hour each, interactive activities that give the participants a better understanding of life as a person with disabilities.

Examples of Topics:

  • The Challenge of Disability.
  • Definitions and Types of Disability.
  • The Law and Disability – Employment Equity Act

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Practical look at interacting with people with disabilities.
  • Available help should an employee become disabled.
  • Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace.
  • Why Employ a Person with a Disability?
  • How can our Recruitment Service Help You?
  • Practical tips on employing people with disabilities.

                                                                                  and much more…