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The APD Home Based Care Programme

Home Based Care Service
Can you imagine your life as a person with disabilities?  You can’t perform the most menial, yet crucial tasks – like eating, bathing and going to the toilet – and you can’t afford to hire someone to help you.

That’s when you would realise just how important our HOME BASED CARE GIVERS are. Without them hundreds of people would experience indescribable suffering.  They roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to make life worth living.
APD’s Social Workers started the Home Based Care Service in 1990, after they had determined that there was a need for a home-based care program in the community as many persons’ with disabilities and bedridden people were living in desperate circumstances without anything to eat or drink, and nobody to clean them. In some cases family members had left their jobs in order to care for their disabled people, with the result that the household
income had either been dramatically reduced, or completely dried up, causing even more serious problems.

Volunteers Fade after a While
Initially, volunteers were recruited and trained to care for and assist people with severe disabilities in their own homes. But due to poverty conditions and the nature of the work – the duties of a care giver involve a lot of physical work, e.g. bathing a persons’ with disabilities involves bending, lifting and turning – it was difficult to retain volunteers.

Because of all the problems with volunteers, the APD decided rather to employ people as care givers. Late in 1990 the organisation employed the first batch of care givers and trained them in activities of daily living, e.g. bathing, exercises, incontinent management, dressing of
bed sores and light meal preparation. Since then, our care givers have helped many hundreds of people in the communities of
Soweto, Tembisa, Alexander and Johannesburg.

Mixed Bag of Surprises
Being a care giver is not an easy job, but we forge ahead. We work together as a team, share ideas, sing, and pray to release stress. That’s why we still continue to make a difference in the lives of persons’ with disabilities.

Nobody knows what the future holds. If the past is anything to go by, the future will be a mixed bag of surprises. But the one certainty is that we will continue to assist as many people as possible each year to become independent. Our main focus remains quadriplegics and severely physically disabled people. And we do
not discriminate; how and why people become disabled or bedridden is not important to us.

…With your help, the APD will always be able to reach out and render a professional service to those who can’t help themselves. Contact the manager of community services ( Mr Luckmore Takachicha) at 0116468331 or The Director (Mrs Rachel Legasa).


Need someone to care for you but can’t afford to pay for private nursing?  …then


LEAN ON US HOME CARE SERVICE: Project offering basic and specialized care to meet the essential and personal hygiene needs of temporarily and permanently disabled people .

Our Credentials
We’ve been doing this for a long time – thousands of people with disabilities have benefited from our home-care services since 1990.

Our Director has had vast experience in this field both locally and internationally.
Our activities carry the stamp of approval of Communities, Department of Social Development and Department of Health.
All our well-groomed caregivers are professionally trained, experienced, attend regular refresher training sessions, are professionally supervised and undergo regular performance evaluations.
We always have a back-up plan in the event of something unforeseen happening to
your assigned caregiver.
We address problems/complaints immediately.

Our Care-giving Credo: Service Excellence Respect Sensitivity Empathy
Devotion Love Determination Companionship

Our Operating Hours: 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Area of Operation: Greater Johannesburg and surrounds.

Our Clients: We serve anyone with a mobility impairment who is five years and older: people who are recouping at home after an accident/surgery, the aged, stroke victims, arthritis sufferers, paraplegics, quadriplegics, users of mobility aid devices, people with
Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

Our Services: We will undertake duties pertaining to your general well-being and safety, personal Hygiene and dressing, meal preparation and feeding, toileting, light domestic work etc… For as long as you need our help.
Assistance for People who are Permanently Disabled: for as many hours and days as
you require.

Assistance for People who are Temporarily Incapacitated: Aimed at able-bodied people who need somebody to care for them at home once they are discharged from hospital. We Listen and Work with You: Experience has taught us that the way in which we provide personal, physical care-services to clients must be based on the specific needs, guidance and instruction of the client.

We Provide Information: People who have recently become disabled and/or their loved ones might not fully understand the implications of the specific condition. We can provide you and/or you loved ones with information pertaining to your condition free of charge.

We Provide Financial Guidance: We know how critically important home-based care services are to people with disabilities. That is why we charge very affordable rates and work with you in developing a financially sustainable package based on your specific
needs and budget constraints.

Should you qualify for any of the disability grants that are available, we will involve our Social Workers in securing such assistance for you.

We Provide Associated Services: In addition to our care-giving services we can assist you with the following:
Social Work counselling
Hiring of wheelchairs

We Are Just a Phone Call Away: For more information about our services and
assistance in formulating a tailor-made care-giving package for you, please contact our Project manager: Community Services (Luckmore Thakachicha) on 011-646-8331 or 0781957636, or rachell@apdjhb.co.za.