Association for the Physically Disabled
Association for the Physically Disabled

Resilience and Hope: Ms. Patricia Mokoena's Triumph with the Association for the Physically Disabled

In the heart of Alexandra, where hope sometimes felt like a distant dream, a remarkable woman named Ms Patricia Mokoena faced a life-altering challenge. In 2017, at the tender age of 40, she was struck by a merciless stroke that shook the very foundation of her existence. Though she wasn't confined to a bed, the stroke left her profoundly weak and rendered her right side paralyzed, leaving her to struggle with even the simplest of tasks. 

Amidst the overwhelming uncertainties, a glimmer of light shone through the darkness in the form of the Association for the Physically Disabled (APD). With compassion in their hearts, they extended a helping hand to Ms Patricia Mokoena, embracing her with warmth and understanding.

Their support was her lifeline - for three days a week, she received a caring and dedicated caregiver who assisted her with bathing, soothing massages, and gentle exercises. Yet, progress was slow at first, and the cruel waves of the COVID-19 pandemic only added to her struggles. The suspension of services during those dreadful peaks felt like an insurmountable setback.

But hope, ever resilient, returned when the APD resumed their assistance, this time with unwavering consistency. They poured their hearts into guiding and encouraging her, igniting a spark within her spirit. With their guidance, she began to blossom, her strength growing, and her exercises becoming more spirited.

Something incredible happened; she found the strength to bathe herself, a seemingly small act that held the power of triumph in her eyes. Her determination grew as she continued her exercises even in the absence of her caregiver. Witnessing her astounding progress, the APD recognized her resilience and reduced the service days to two.

Yet, the transformative journey didn't end there. She defied the limits imposed upon her, taking small steps towards regaining her independence. She embraced her household chores with newfound determination, carrying out each task without allowing her challenges to define her. She cooked her meals with pride and walked, occasionally without a stick, her steps a testament to her unwavering determination.

But that was not all; in the face of adversity, she dared to dream, securing a learnership that became her beacon of hope. With unwavering gratitude, she acknowledged the immense role played by the Association for the Physically Disabled in her journey of triumph.

The APD, with their unyielding dedication and compassionate support, became her pillars of strength, lifting her from the depths of despair and guiding her towards a life of newfound independence and fulfillment. In their embrace, she found the courage to believe in herself again, and with each step she took, they stood by her side, whispering encouragement and belief into her heart.

Through the darkest days and the fiercest storms, the Association for the Physically Disabled became the source of hope and inspiration that transformed a woman's life. In their selfless acts of kindness, they exemplified the true essence of humanity - a reminder that in the midst of adversity, love and compassion can spark miracles and illuminate even the darkest of paths.

The letter below serves as a heartfelt and emotional testament, sent to us by her to express gratitude for the assistance provided during her time of need.